TUBEVIBE – is another recent addition to our portfolio of hand-crafted effect units. As its name suggests, its  a tremolo effect with a tube which does the tremolo action and there is no semiconductor in the audio path.

Tubes/Valves are an audiophile’s end destination and needless to say its because of their inherent natural and organic behaviour they have received timeless respect. Its indeed a strikingly noticeable fact that in a world where people have landed on moon and developed space stations a pretty aged  & vintage tech is still unbeatable.

The astonishingly natural effect which goes from a very shimmering vibrato to classic helicopter chops, immediately makes the heads turn towards the sound.

The three controls – Speed, Depth & Level can be used to create a wide array of effects suitable to any musical situation.

The pedal needs a regulated 12V DC supply & is housed in a bomb proof chassis, though, to give an aesthetic appeal the tube is mounted on the top of the chassis and must be taken care of.

The another beautiful aspect of the pedal is its versatility. This unit is capable of giving a good clean volume boost when the depth control is at lowest setting. Turning the level control to full creates a mild tube overdrive rich in second harmonics & hence increased sweetness. Using this setting to boost an analog distortion creates a singing sustained tone for lead.