This is small but effective and most practical tube amp head #customdeluxe15 I have come across last night.whoever said size matters after playing with this mini beast you will stop saying that.even if the size is small but the tone and quality out of this brilliantly design machine is just mind blowing!

As soon as I struck first notes the clarity and the response I got from it was never like before.the clean sound was just crystal clear to bring tear of joy in every guitarist eyes(they know what I am saying).as I further played little(Approximately 2 hours ?) I started realising it’s response with my guitar and pickups ,every pickup was responding so well I have #ibanez 370dx customized wiSeymour Duncanann pickups #neckpickup #vintagestacktele #STKT1N #middlepickup #vitagehotstackplusstart #STKS7 and #bridgepickup #slashalnico2pro #APH2 and #ernieball #500kpots #gibsonstrings with #jumbofrets. Neck pickup which sounded so warm and Dept of the tone I was getting (again some joyful tears ?) was wonderful.

Insignihifi Custom Deluxe 15_1As for middle pickup which is slightly hotter pickup it was giving that strong strat crisp ring to every note perfect for power blues playing.and last but not least bridge pickup which is hottest pickup among these three with the small tone and volume control it was just blowing my head over and over.such a dreamy response to each different pickup and guitar (tried American maple neck strat also which was another beauty).dreamy I said cause I have been using #marshall 15dfx solid state amp everyday and Everytime I play it, while playing I expect some dynamics out of Amp which are most of the time goes dampened.but for this mini beast it was no problem at all on even lower volume, each vibrato bend and microtones,pick attack with lot of sustain without losing any tone till the note dies off was there it was pure pleasure playing on this amp.thats why I said dreamy cause I imagined all these dynamic in my head and it was coming just as I imagined they could even say better than that. Practical for home practicing and recording purpose you will get the tone and quality you always wanted, so go try it out I’ll say Gaurav Kumar job well done bro keep doing what you doing we need people with such a innovative minds.