Tube DAC

now hear high resolution music without compromise

With the advancements of Recording technologies, its now common to record and produce high resolution music which is far above in terms of quality to that offered by CDs. InsigniaHiFi Audio Labs felt an obvious need to deploy valve technology in designing DACs and avoid all solid state amplification stages. It is also an invaluable asset for a mixing mastering engineer running a Digital Audio Workstation.

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Hand-Selected TELEFUNKEN Tubes in balanced Class -A Configuration.


Solid Brushed Aluminium Chassis.


Poslished Wooden Side Panels.


Gold Plated Output RCA/USB-B/Coax connectors.

Key features of the Tube DAC:

  1. Plug & Play design with no pots and mechanical fatigue prone components in the signal path for glitch-less performance.
  2. Life-like depth of musical layers & soundstage separation
  3. Excellent transients & 120DB Dynamic Range without harshness.
  4. Hand-Crafted with utmost care for robust performance.
  5. Over Rated Toroidal Transformers & heavy filtering at power stage.
  6. Balanced Class A Tube amplifier with High CMRR & Low Output Impedance of 95 Ohms.
  7. Output Impedance: ~ 95 Ohms

Key Performance Indicators

Frequency Response
DAC Quality

Cutting-Edge Technology… its Rocket Science!

It is often said that there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to valve technology however, it is the extent of quality-obsession which makes the difference.

Its almost a Cliche to saty that there is something about records that makes you connect with music and once you’re hooked on, there is no turning back. At InsigniaHiFi it became an obvious direction to focus and Tube DAC is the result of that.

This DAC is built with one goal in mind… that’s Fidelity with ultimate transients & Dynamic Range! The way we look at it is a fundamentalist’s approach. We have successfully deployed a minimalist approach and reduced the number of passive components in the signal path. All these components are hand-selected from a space-grade lot! We like overkill when it comes to audio-tech. We’ve gone way above industry standards in deploying the tolerance limits for better than Robust Performance.

Design Specifications

  • Description: 192 KHZ, 24 Bit, DAC with Balanced Tube Amplification Stage
  • Maximum output: 30V
  • Noise (un weighted): Less than -100 dB
  • Tubes: Telefunken ECC88 (Hand-selected)
  • Dynamic Range: 120DB
  • Output Impedance: 95 Ohms