Smallest Guitar Tube Amplifier

The “RDX UniWATT”, as we like to call it, came into existence by the obvious need of every guitarist – a small, light-weight, easy to carry amp good enough for bedroom & recording as well.

…One day, When Tone shaping Preamp stage of typical Tube amplifiers mated with the relatively linear and small sized Power Amp section fo Solid State technology, RDX was born.

The RDX, is technically a hybrid amp head which utilizes a hand selected tube in preamp and an extremely low noise and linear analog solid state power stage. This results into an extremely versatile and dynamic amp which is loud enough for a bedroom and also for recording. At approaching max levels the amp gets into very classic rock flavored overdrive.

Despite the small size & form factor, the amp can even drive a 100W, 4X12 Cabinet.

Because of a tube based preamp the pedal accepts and welcomes effect pedals in a very organic manner.

Out of stock


This product is out of stock. Next batch is expected by Mid May 2018!

Key Performance Indicators

Dynamics & Sensitivity
Bass (Low End)
Size & Weight


This amp head, is completely hand-made with hand crafted chassis as well. Its housed in a solid wooden body with carving and polished for a classic vintage appeal. The valve sits on top of the head in its glorious glow and has the controls for Gain, Tone and a Fat Switch on the top face just like vintage classic tube amps.

The Input and Output sockets and Power Sockets are mounted on the rear.

The driver board of the amp is carefully designed on a PCB to reduce the size and weight of the amp The component selection is as per traditional philosophy of InsigniaHiFi. All components are hand-selected, precise and EXCEED the ratings & tolerance requirements.


  • Design: Hybrid Tube Amplifier
  • Tubes: 1 x ECC82/88 [hand-selected]
  • Controls:
    • Gain
    • Tone
    • Fat Switch
  • Output Impedance
    • Default: 4/8/16 OHMS
  • Output Power: 1 W
  • FX Loop: Optional
  • Weight: Aprrox 300 Gms
  • Size: 2″ X 3″ X 6″