Extra stability of mechanical structure to reduce microphonics


Made in Slovak Republic.

JJ ECC88 or 6DJ8

build for high performance and long life

E88CC is the European Name of 6922/6DJ8. It is often used for Hi-Fi applications. It provides very smooth mids and high end with a lot of detail.



Although not originally designed for the purpose, it became popular in hi-fi audio amplifiers. European-produced version of the tube is designated ECC88. An industrial (improved/higher ratings) version of the tube was designated 6922 / E88CC between 1959 and 1961. Siemens introduced their own super ECC88 / 6DJ8 at the same time under CCa type. New Old Stock (NOS) 6DJ8s and ECC88s produced in the past by major American or West European vacuum tube manufacturers (such as Philips or Amperex) remain extremely popular with and highly sought by audiophiles. A version (direct equivalent) of this tube was also produced in the Soviet Union as 6N23P (Russian: 6Н23П) and in China as 6N11.

As of 2015 the tube was being produced in three versions in Eastern Europe – Slovakia by JJ Electronic (ex-Tesla), and in Russia – 6DJ8 for Sovtek and 6922 for Electro-Harmonix.

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