Custom Deluxe 15

Custom Deluxe 15 was born out of practical necessity of having an AMP that can be handled in a small venue and especially in small recording studios. Custom 50 on the other hand is a beast which can get loud beyond imagination and can possibly be intimidating.

Dynamics & Sensitivity

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Design Philosophy

The philosophy behind Deluxe 15 was to have a minimalist approach in the design with basic controls so that the dynamics of playing comes out unrestricted. The power section of the amp is cathode biased Push-Pull design. This design philosophy helps in dramatically improving the dynamics & gives an excellent sustain. The amp is fully hand-wired with point to point connections and tagboards for maximum robustness. Components are carefully selected to increase life & minimise tone loss & noise. Carefully used Metal film resistors at strategic places with 4 times the rated capacities & parallel connections are done for military-grade reliability.

In short its made with LOVE & NOT ECONOMICS!

How Guitarists Feel about it?

Often the first impression of this amp as shared by guitarists is that they feel their playing technique (Dynamics like pick attack, vibratos, embellishments, microtones, etc.) never came out so nicely an organically.

Technical Specification

Recommended Speakers

Insigniahifi recommends any 10″-12″, ceramic or Alnico Magnet speaker which doesn’t accentuates low & mid band of frequencies. An open back cabinet sounds awesome with Deluxe 15.

Technical Specifications

Power: 15W+ into 8 Ohm Speaker

Power Section: Push-Pull design with 2, 6v6 (Recommended JJ)

Rectifier: 5Y3, protected with semiconductor Diodes

Preamp Section: 2 Preamps: 12AY7, 12AU7 (Stock, can be replaced by 12AT7 or 12AX7 for different flavours)

Controls: Power Toggle Switch, Standby Toggle Switch, 2 channels input with Hi/Lo- gain options, Each channel having dedicated Volume control, One Common Tone Control.

Chassis: Made of 3mm Shet Aluminum, Rust & Corrosion Proof

Cabinet: Made out of Seasoned 18mm Ply, hand crafted Leatherette finish, back stainless steel perforated Grill for ventilation, built like a tank!

Wiring Technique: Tagboard and point to Point

Power Supply: 220V AC, Fuse at the back.