Custom 50 Speakar Cabinet

Experience the Delicate Sound of Thunder

Nothing beats the feeling when the sound hits your chest & you feel like leaning on it.

A true audiophile guitar amplifier need an equally good speaker to extract the tonal juices out of it.

They say, “with great powers comes great responsibilities”! After the development of our flagship Amp Custom 50, obviously we had to come up with a speaker cab capable to extract all the tonal juices from the amp. After years of customization & inspirations from legendary design we froze our cabinet specs capable to handle over 100W of Tube power with crystal clear details, dynamics & efficiency.

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Key Performance Indicators

Dynamics & Sensitivity
Power & Loudness
Bass (Low End)


Though Speaker cabinet is one of the simplest piece of gear but if not carefully designed, it can dramatically affect your sound signature… obviously! Contrary to popular belief A speaker cabinet has essentially 3 parts (many believe it has just 2…):

  1. The Speaker Driver
    • To a great extent the Choice & Preference of speaker driver varies from person to person. InsigniaHiFi recommends a driver which can handle is at least 25% more power than the max output of Custom 50 or Deluxe 15 or any other amp.
    • To our ears drivers which do not accentuate mids sounds best with Custom 50 & Deluxe 15. 12″ ceramic drivers Experientially have yielded best tones. This also resonates with the Flether Munson’s research… read here
  2. The Cabinet
    • The cabinet is carefully designed to stay as neutral as possible & eliminate boominess.
    • All of our designs are based on open-back topology.
    • The construction material is plywood typically 18mm thickness. This is an obvious choice given the composite nature & relatively very less natural resonance.
  3. The Cabinet Covering
    • This is one aspect which many overlook and compromise with while designing a cabinet. Often economical factors are given too much of a preference. The cabinet cover which looks and sound too innocent as far as tonality is concerned but the reality is exactly opposite.
    • A good cabinet with proper backing fabric helps dampen the standing waves significantly and maintains the integrity of the sound from the driver by not letting the cabinet wood colour it.
    • InsigniaHiFi uses hand-selected covering materials (leatherette) to finish the cabinets

How does it sound???…

One line to explain… Like a bell!