Custom 50 – 50W Guitar Tube Amplifier

Unmatched Sound ~ Hand-Wired ~ Military Grade

Custom 50 is the pride of InsigniaHiFi.

The genesis of this amplifier has inspirational roots in the sound of legendary Pink Floyd. The clean headroom & bell like sound will linger in your head like never before.

A true audiophile guitar amplifier built with the philosophy that “an artist needs a nice and clean canvas to paint his ideas on… analogically a mature guitarist needs a good amp with lot of clean headroom to paint his musical ideas with effects”. Custom 50 interacts beautifully with analog effects and especially tube based effect pedals.

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Key Performance Indicators

Dynamics & Sensitivity
Power & Loudness
Bass (Low End)

Tone Demo

Guitar Only Audio (44.1 KHz Wav)


This amp, to a great extent is built like a high fidelity stereo amplifier. There are no PCBs used at all. Circuit is based on tagboards with audiophile grade components & teflon coated shielded signal cables. Unlike usual guitar amplifiers TOROIDAL power transformer has been installed for no leakage flux and interference.

There are 4 inputs, Normal with High & Low Gain, Brilliant with low & high gain. the channel can be cross patched to create wide pallet of tonal options. The default out put is 8 OHMS.

The chassis is made for thick 3 mm Aluminium sheet metal, made to stand forever. Bourns 24mm pots & Neutrik sockets are provided for glitch-less performance. High quality audiophile grade Gold rated power filter capacitors, double rated resistors & tube shields are installed for robust performance.


Bias monitoring & control frustrates most of the people & it is very important for the health of amp & power tubes and of course for the best tone. Keeping this in mind three terminal are provided, one for bias voltage monitoring, and two for measuring cathode current for each power tube. One bias adjust trimpot is provided to adjust the cathode current. For optimal use, it is advisable to run the tube at max 80% of their power rating for that you should maintain the cathode current at around 40 mA (40mV on the terminal at the back of amp. refer the image below).


Bias adjust trimpot.


Bias monitoring posts.


This amp is built to become your lifelong companion!

  • Design: PUSH-PULL
  • Power Tubes: El34
  • Preamp Tubes: 3 x ECC83 (12AX7)
  • Phase-Splitter Tube: ECC81 (12AT7)
  • Controls:
    • Normal Volume
    • Brilliant Volume
    • Bass
    • Treble
    • Mid
    • Presence
    • Master Volume
    • Mains Toggle Switch
    • Standby Toggle Switch (HT)
    • Bias Adjustment Trimpot
  • Fuse Rating
    • Mains: 1A Slow Blow
    • Standby: 1A Slow Blow
  • Output Impedance
    • Default: 8 OHMS
    • Optional: Selector switch with 4/6/8/16 OHMS
  • Input Power: 160VA
  • Output Power: 50W (max @ 50 mA Cathode Current)