CB1070i Ultra High Fidelity Integrated Valve Amplifier

an intelligent amplifier

InsigniaHiFi CB1070i is a PUSH-PULL integrated valve amplifier designed to become the backbone of your music system & also an invaluable mastering amplifier. This is one of our flagship product developed after years of continuous improvements & fine tuning in consultation with eminent researchers in India & Abroad.

Limited Edition

Limited Edition with Russian Magic Eye based VU Meter.

Available on backorder

The entire approach and obsession with high quality components is heard in the sound.

The soundstage, Vocals & the texture is surreal rather dramatically real!

It just makes you lost in music…

Matches up to any high-end product out there.


Ultra-Rare Magic Eye tube made in Ukraine configured as VU Meter.


Hand-Selected power tubes, Precision-Matched, Burned-in & Cryogenically treated for consistent & robust performance.


Hand-Crafted & Polyester Coated Maple-Wood chassis.


Stainless Steel Top Plate, laser cut for ultimate finish & durability.


Carefully designed Spike-feet for vibration resistance & microphonics.

Key value proposition of CB1070i are:

  1. It has in-built preamp, hence, saves you from spending on separate preamp unit, connectors, cables & racks. No worries for impedance mismatches
  2. Scary depth of musical layers & soundstage separation
  3. Optional Adaptive/Dynamic Auto Bias for unbelievable precision & dramatic clarity of soundstage & low end dynamics
  4. Intelligent Servo control of bias enhancing tube life, consistency and trouble-free listening
  5. Less real estate requirements
  6. Optimal power output for casual/critical listening, mastering & as well as occasional party needs.

CB1070i in Action

Key Performance Indicators

Frequency Response

Cutting-Edge Technology… its Rocket Science!

It is often said that there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to valve technology however, it is the extent of quality-obsession which makes the difference.

This amplifier is built with one goal in mind… that’s Fidelity! The way we look at it is a fundamentalist’s approach. We have successfully deployed a minimalist approach and reduced the number of passive components in the signal path to just 5. All these components are hand-selected from a space-grade lot! We like overkill when it comes to audio-tech. We’ve gone way above industry standards in deploying the tolerance limits for better than Robust Performance.

We do not get  into never ending debates of solid state vs valve technology, however we put our efforts in utilizing & optimizing the goodness of both worlds. The superior consistency, form-factor & efficiency of solid state technology made them an obvious candidate to solve some of the fundamentally inherent issues of valve technology. The aging of valves, power swings and drift of operating point are some of the major issues of valve technology which makes the end consumer suffer. We have deployed cutting edge intelligent systems to automatically control & tune the amplifier as the tubes age and power supply drifts or swings in real-time. This has far reaching effects on overall experience and not just limited to the problems we just talked about. A better control of operating point by dynamic biasing leads to superior dynamics and incredible sound-stage with dramatically real depth.

A well-thought & Strategic Deployment of Solid-State technology to Optimize superior High Fidelity performance of Valve Technology.

Unless you hear it you won’t believe it!

Our designs are tested not over hours or days but over months and months of critical listening and testing.


The design employs PUSH-PULL configuration operating in class AB, based on original Mullard design with 2 X EL34 Valves per channel. The input stage has optional cathode follower which we highly recommend for people who do not already have one. This is followed by EF86 input stage which is a Pentode, this is done to reduce the effect of stray miller capacitance inherently present in triodes.  The Miller capacitance of a pentode stage is normally only about 1/10 of that of a triode stage with the same gain.

Choice of Components

Audiophile grade capacitors & high-precision Metal Film resistors with double power rating and tight tolerances as per military/space-grade standards are employed for robust, precise & consistent operation and low thermal noise.

The critical Cathode bias & Anode Resistors are Non-magnetic, non-inductive, all welded construction which greatly enhances frequency response. Combined with Aryton-Perry winding inductive reactance and signal loss are almost totally eliminated. These components Meet or exceed the specifications in the military standard MIL-PRF-26/MIL-STD-202 for wirewound resistors.

The grid resistors are also chosen to be of extra tolerance and Military rating. 1% precise, Dale resistors with Military rating MIL-PRF-18546 has been deployed for lifelong consistency & precision. These are also made using non-inductive (Ayrton-Perry) winding technique.

The model nameCB1070i is a tribute to Mr. Claus Byrith who mentored & supported us in improving the classic Mullard design further.

The output stage is operated in standard Ultra-Linear configuration.

The outer chassis is made of teak-wood CNC Drilled and hand-finished for a royal look & appeal. The inside rear of the Amplifier houses all transformers ( Custom Toroidals for HV & Heater and 2 Output Transformers) and is well shielded & Ventilated by perforated steel sheet.


  1. Volume control for each channel

Circuit Highlights

The entire circuit follows distributed star grounding methodology. Signal cables are PTFE insulated & shielded, orientations of cables & transformers are carefully done to minimize interferences.

An optional cutting edge control system based adaptive & dynamic automatic bias mechanism for absolute precision in the valve pairs leading to significant reduction in distortion & superior stereo imaging & clarity of soundstage & low end dynamics.

Read more about this technology HERE.


  • Power Tubes: Matched Quad of EL34, Hand Selected
  • Preamp Tubes
    • 2 EF86, NOS Mullard, Made in Great Britain, (1 per channel)
    • 1 ECC82/12AU7, Optional Buffer, (1 Triode Section per channel)
    • 2 ECC83/12AX7, Phase Splitter, (1 per channel)
  • 1 Power Transformer, Toroidal
  • 1 Heater Supply Transformer, Toroidal
  • 2 OutPut Transformers
  • Biased to Deliver 60W Output Power