Advanced Transmission Line Speakers

Harmonic Balance is the key to our great sounding loudspeakers. Our speakers preserve the wave envelope by accurately balancing the Harmonics. This allows to retain the Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release of the sound waves and thereby the Timbre in the sound waves is not altered or colored. The result is just like listening to a live music instrument or a vocal performance. Call us for a live demonstration and to know more about the Harmonic Balance concept.

The Art &Science of Speaker Design

Contrary to what it usually looks like, but, speaker design is a complex blend of art & science. After countless experiments we at InsigniaHiFi decided to pursue a difficult yet extremely rewarding path leading us to Advanced Transmission Line Speakers.

InsigniaHiFi is constantly brewing ideas and with the invaluable support from Cipriano Music & will soon be out with an array of products in speaker categories.

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The enclosure design (topology) uses an acoustic transmission line within the cabinet, compared to the simpler enclosures used by sealed (closed) or ported (bass reflex) designs. Instead of reverberating in a fairly simple damped enclosure, sound from the back of the bass speaker is directed into a long damped pathway within the speaker enclosure, which allows far greater control and use of speaker energy, and the resulting sound.