36 MM Phono Preamplifier

hear the depth of the groove like never before

36MM Phono Preamplifier is an all valve based Moving Magnet Phono Preamplifier. Capable to reproduce the subtle inner detail of good records and is adept at extracting the delicacy, the subtle nuances and timbre of well-recorded instruments. Along with the details, the reproduction of transients without being harsh is something this preamplifier excels at.

Hand- Crafted with carefully selected military and audiophile grade components. 36MM employs 3 12AX7 valves hand-selected after significant burn in for consistent performance for decades.

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Solid Aluminium Chassis, double powder coated & built like a tank.


Hand-Selected valves, Matched & burned-in for consistent & robust performance.


CNC turned stainless steel Power Switch with in-built indicator.


Brass Spike feet for ultimate vibration isolation.

Key value proposition of CB1070i are:

  1. Plug & Play design with no pots and mechanical fatigue prone components in the signal path for glitch-less performance.
  2. Life-like depth of musical layers & soundstage separation
  3. Excellent transients without harshness.
  4. Hand-Crafted with utmost care for robust performance.
  5. Over Rated Transformers & power stage.

Key Performance Indicators

Frequency Response

Cutting-Edge Technology… its Rocket Science!

It is often said that there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to valve technology however, it is the extent of quality-obsession which makes the difference.

Its almost a Cliche to saty that there is something about records that makes you connect with music and once you’re hooked on, there is no turning back. At InsigniaHiFi it became an obvious direction to focus and 36 MM Phono Preamp is the result of that.

This amplifier is built with one goal in mind… that’s Fidelity! The way we look at it is a fundamentalist’s approach. We have successfully deployed a minimalist approach and reduced the number of passive components in the signal path. All these components are hand-selected from a space-grade lot! We like overkill when it comes to audio-tech. We’ve gone way above industry standards in deploying the tolerance limits for better than Robust Performance.

Design Specifications

  • Description: Moving-magnet phono preamplifier
  • Maximum output: 30V
  • Noise (un weighted): -80 dB (1HF)
  • Tubes: ECC83 x 3 (Hand-selected)
  • MM Input sensitivity: 2.2 mV for 1 V @ 1kHz (53dB)
  • Dimensions: 10 inches X 10 inches