Analog Fortress

… Its a NO-EFFECT Pedal …
Hear your Guitar/Bass like you’ve never heard before!

20,000 KOhms

Unmatched Input Impedance for Ultimate Signal Fidelity & Dynamics Transparency

300 Ohms

Audiophile Level Negligible Output Impedance capable of driving long cables & monstrous pedalboards without damping signals.

220 VAC Operated

This is a CLASS A Valve/Tube Based pedal & runs on high voltage enclosed in a military grade enclosure with all internal safety features

The Analog Fortress buffer pedal is specially designed to take care of the signal fidelity as it passes through a chain of cables, patch cables, switches, pedals etc before ultimately landing into the amplifier.

At each stage the signal is faced with different impedance/resistance levels and get damped before reaching the amplifier. This leads to a significant loss of dynamics and many times the high frequency content (High-End). Especially if the cable runs are long they lead to significant losses.

This demands a driving stage which can feed enough current to take care of these barriers and stages in between the guitar and the amplifier. Analog Fortress does exactly that.

The two electrical parameters which decide how well they can perform are: the Input Impedance & Output Impedance. Ideally Input Impedance should be infinitely high and Output Impedance should be close to zero. Some good buffers and even pedals have input impedance of the order of 1 Mega Ohms (1,000,000 Ohms) and output impedance of few thousand ohms. We have designed this a;ll tube buffer with an Input Impedance of close to 20 Mega Ohms and an output Impedance of about 300 Ohms. This is at par with some of the most high end audiophile grade systems ever designed and this ensure maximum signal Fidelity & playing dynamics to pass through your cables & effect chain be heard.

This innocent looking pedal without any controls often gets underestimated (guess precisely because paradoxically it is NOT an effect pedal, it actually make sure that there should NOT be any EFFECT, it is indeed a NO-EFFECT pedal).

Thinking fundamentally , the most important consideration for any guitarist is the ability to hear and be heard of all the subtle nuances present in the playing hence beside being more effective in playing, this dramatically improves one’s own performance over time, because unless you don’t hear what you play you cannot improve.

This pedal will make you hear even the rubbing sound of the strings over the frets – this will give you an idea of responsiveness which this pedal is capable to bring out- beware many mistake which you couldn’t hear will come out, but, its a good thing!

Design & Operation

This pedal is mased on tube circuitry operating at designed voltages of around 280V. The circuit employs robust space-grade components with high tolerances. Its frequency response is flat from 10 Hz to over 100KHz. It presents a phenomenal headroom of over 50Volt Peak-to-Peak. No matter how hard you pick, it will not clip. It can even hand bass guitars seamlessly, bring such dynamics which were never heard before.

The pedal employs one 12AU7/ECC82, hand-selected and stabilized for a consistent performance.


  • PURE ANALOG: Vacuum tube audio path operating at designed voltages
  • Class-A operation: Pure class-A operation leading to unmatched dynamics & details.
  • Input impedance: 20 MΩ.
  • Output impedance: Approximately 300 Ω.
  • Tube: Hand-selected & stabilized 12AU& / ECC82
  • Power: 220V AC, IEC socket fitted on enclosure back panel.