Analog Distortion

Overdrives & Distortions are some of the very defining and building blocks of a Rig and as the saying goes, “there is nothing new under the sun“, the building blocks of these effects are nothing but a preamp circuit with clipping stage. Our philosophy of focusing on fundamentals made us to employ the minimalist approach to retain as much dynamics & guitar interaction as possible with the effect unit.

The design of our analog distortion took inspiration from classic vintage Muffs which defined the rock era. We took our usual HiFi approach and upgraded the circuit by using precision & hand selected components.

In front of a tube amp, and even a solid state amp, you can get an unmatched huge sound experience. The high quality circuit & low noise components keep the pedal ultra quiet and high grade sheet metal enclosure shields from interferences.

The amount of singing sustain delivered by the unit is phenomenal and when pushed further by a compressor, overdrive or linear boost it gives you unbelievable experience, only heard to be believed.

The unit features extremely versatile 2 tone controls, the tone control knob & a toggle switch to boost or cut mids.

Tone Control