Ankur with his ready to Rock Cornford Hellcat

So finally after 6 years, thanks to Gaurav at Insignia HiFi
I have completely refurbished and re-tubed my Cornford HELLCAT.

The unpredictable dry signal loss which was troubling since ages has gone permanently!

The low end bloom and headroom of the amp has opened up so much! post those new Tungsol Preamp tubes and the JJ Platinum Quad Matched Power Tubes!
My Confy is ROARING!

Had a great time at his Workshop and loved his custom amps! (Beautiful Hiwatt based Designs with massive headroom)

This dude is my current Goto for everything tube amps and pedals!
This Electronics Whizkid has been able to troubleshoot everything I threw at him!
Add him in your friend lists guys, For all your electronics needs!