Custom 50 Head + Cab

A good amp is a must for the guitarist. I’m playing guitar since 2009 and I came across so many amps, I never liked the digital amps and the one I liked (tube amps) were totally out of my budget. Last month my friend Auddie D’souza one of the best guitar luthier in India introduced me to Gaurav Kumar and that’s when I tried the amp he designed/built.


Guitarist, Composer & Studio Owner

The first strum on my guitar and I was blown with the tone & the quality of sound. I never heard my guitar sounding this good. I just said WOW; and everytime I tried his amp I just wanted to keep playing. Such an amazing job by Gaurav.

And then he showed me how this amp is better in every possible ways than others. The build quality, Supreme components, Toroidal Transformer etc.

Also the amp is super versatile. With a simple patch cable you can blend two channels and get every possible tone you want. Hats off bro!!

I’ve recently booked one for myself and I’m eagerly waiting for It.

One more thing to mention is this amp is way cheaper than the same quality amps currently available in market!!

Go!! Grab one!!