stained aged maple

Dynamic Auto Bias
for unmatched fidelity

Magic Eye VU Meter

CNC turned solid
Aluminium Knobs

Stainless steel top plate

Cryogenically treated
& matched tubes

coupling feet

Point-to-Point hand-wired
construction. Over designed for
Military Reliability

100W Custom designed driver
Made in USA

Hand-Selected 18mm Plywood
Open backed Cabinet

Military-Grade build
Designed to last forever

Cryogenically treated
& platinum matched tubes

Aged, Burned-in &
Digitally Matched Drivers

Ferro-Fluild cooled
Aluminium Dome HF Driver

Advanced Phase Coherent
27Hz Tuned Transmission Line

CNC turned precise
Stainless Steel Coupling Spike-Feet

Advanced Transmission Line Speakers

About Us

The quest for high fidelity audio reproduction & multi-disciplinary nature makes the journey of an Audiophile very difficult if not frustrating!

At InsigniaHiFi we have been there and have experienced all these the hard way & at the core of what we do lies the philosophy and love of spreading the knowledge that we have earned over years and years after getting our hands dirty.

  • Unbeatable Valve-Tech

    When it comes to Valve technology, there is nothing new under the Sun! All that matters is strong fundamentals…

  • Quality with Precision

    We use Hand-selected, over-rated and over-tested components for consistent and true reproduction of music.

  • Military Grade

    Our Design, Layout Philosophy & Component Ratings are based on Military Equipment Standards.

  • Philosophy

    We blend art with science & technology to make aesthetically & naturally pleasing products!

Our Expertise & Interests

Stereo HiFi Tube Amplifiers
Guitar Tube Amplifiers
Analog Guitar FX
Mixing & Mastering

A little more about us

One of the things which empowers us everyday in what we do and also makes us different is our involvement in the end-to-end value chain of music. We are deep into R&D of Valve tech and on the other side we are also actively involved into music creation. We also get our hands dirty in professional Audio Mixing & Mastering. Grooved Cranial Highway is InsigniaHiFi’s musical Project involving few awesome musicians & Engineers across the country and we have also successfully launched our debut project “Beyond the Horizon” globally and now available on all leading stores under the the record label of “Grooved Cranial Highway”.

Having an ear of a musician & at the same time being involved in music production deploying our hand-made gears and monitoring systems have enabled us with a cutting edge advantage.

We know exactly when something doesn’t sound right & this ability drives us… all the time!

Stay in touch & enjoy the goodness of music


Being a musician himself, Gaurav has a deep understanding of how music should sound, he has deep insight into the sonic world and delivers the best.

Matches up to any high-end product out there.

The soundstage, Vocals & the texture is surreal rather dramatically real!

The quality of sound here cannot describe, its rather reality which is the case. The music sounds alive and same applies to his mastered creations as well.

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